What is Vape and how it's work
There are several types of vape, but all of them have the same idea, hot the coil and make fog 1. Mechmode - its a simple mode that has no board, no security, you just push the button and electricity goes to coil and hot the liquid 2. boxmode - its a save agregat that have a bord whith many security levels, like burning timeout, short circuit detection and many settings to get best taste 3. ego modes - its a mode whith bord and many security levels like boxmode, but they have no settings, only one button to press and use, its very usefuul for beginers 4. pod systems - this mode is like Ego, whith litle difference, they are small, no so much taste, they can be very usefull for those who want to quit smoking, becouse you can use salt nicotine whith big concentration
what does vaping fluid consist of
Any vaping liquid consists of 3 or 4 components, namely: prapylene glycol, glycerin, flavoring and nicotine - optional, it may not be present in the liquid, and this nicotine is pure and without any impurities, all these substances except nicotine contained today even in ordinary bread and consumed by humans in small quantities and recognized as absolutely harmless, yet we recommend using liquids produced by well-known brands, since quality control keeps track of the flavors that are added there, not all of them are used without harmful
Vape is bad for health
Numerous studies conducted over more than 20 years have shown that vape is the safest alternative for smokers than anything else, but it certainly does harm, but it is minimal and you will significantly reduce it using non-nicotine fluids.
Vapers have health risks other than cigarettes
One of the studies showed that in the process of using vap, carcinogenic substances that are not in cigarettes stand out, it naturally immediately received mass publicity, because the study was conducted with funding from a representative of the tobacco industry, we will not point the finger. but the conditions for carrying out this experiment were not particularly amenable to publicity, and this is understandable, because the study revealed that glycerin is spreading to concentrate agents as a result of prolonged boiling (more than 2 minutes) at a temperature of 350 degrees Celsius, imagine a person capable of such a drag? Do you know why? Similarly, tests are carried out using special smoking machines, and not by humans. in turn, prapelling glycol causes the so-called popcorn disease, if its hot vapors (not reproduced when vape is hovering) breathe in a whole day for many years, for reference, only a few cases of this disease were recorded for all the history, and then for people who worked in prapylene glycol factories disrupting safety measures. in a word, it is possible to poison with raw meat, but why eat it raw?
vapers use vape more often than cigarette smokers
Yes, this is true, but they cause harm to themselves 1000 times less, it has been scientifically proven that a couple of 10,000 times less harmful substances are inhaled by a vaper than in cigarette smoke and their concentration does not exceed the allowable standard content of these substances in the air. Do you understand what this means? that you do yourself less harm than living in some polluted industrial area! what can we say about the exhaled couple, which does not harm others at all, and does not leave behind either a raid or a caustic smell