• Apr 02 2019
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Heavy smokers, we offer to move, for a start, on a system with a high nicotine content, or on a MTL system also with a high nicotine content, and later, gradually, lower the dose of nicotine, if you smoked light cigarettes in a moderate amount, then MTL systems with a low nicotine content, or the so-called Hookahs, can quite suit you, although for smokers we still suggest not to start with hookah aggregates, since they do not convey much of the sensations of classical smoking, and for smokers in first of all they are important!

In no case, we advise you to start with drips, it is important to understand, drip is like a cigar among electronic combo and it is not recommended to start with it in any way. what is the difference between the electronics from each other, you can read in the FAQ!

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